Config Pubsub daemon

The Pubsub daemon offers enhanced streaming, notification and real-time messaging performance within Clarive when configured.

In order to activate the Pubsub daemon, you need to add the necessary code to the YAML file that you call when starting the Clarive web server. You can find details of this file in the Clarive configuration file.

Copy the following code and paste it into the aforementioned YAML file, being sure to set enabled: to '1', and change [Clarive address] for address: to the IP address you use to access Clarive, and [Pubsub port] to a free port (your system administrator will provide this number). [Clarive address] and [Clarive port] in headers: should be the same as those used when accessing Clarive:

    enabled: 1
    address: [Clarive address]:[Pubsub port]
        - 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin'
        - '[Clarive address]:[Clarive port]'

In order to start the service see cla pubsub - Pubsub daemon management.