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API Keys

The API Keys preference page allows you to create keys that can be used to access your subscription data without using your username and password. However, any application using the API Key you generated will have access and be tracked as if you logged in with your username and password. API Keys do not require an additional Clarive license because they are an extension of your own user license.

API Keys are strings that authenticate a user when accessing the Clarive Web Services API. However, unlike a session token, the API Key does not expire. API Keys obey the permissions of the user that generated them - it is the same as using that user’s credentials. Keys are valid as long as the user desires, and they can be deleted or reset.

Clarive administrators may view, delete, and reset all active keys in a installation from the API Keys page.

Note If API Keys are disabled at the installation level, a user trying to set up a new API Key or edit an existing API Key will see an error message that states API Keys are disabled. Please contact your Clarive Administrator to enable this functionality.

To create a new key

Open the Preferences pane from within the Users tab or use the administrator user Preferences management option in Admin - Users.

Click the Generate API Key button in API tab, then select and copy the API Key. API Key is stored automatically.