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Shows the calendar in the dashboard.

There are a list of elements can be configured in the dashlet:

Height in canvas rows

Defines the height in number of rows given to the dashlet.

The height value will be between 1 and 4 where 4 will occupy 100% of the page.

Width in canvas columns

Sets the width that the item will occupy in the dashboard.

The maximum allowed value is 12 (100% width).


Allows to make the dashlet more dinamic adding an automatic refresh (in minutes).

Calendar query

Indicate what activity or issue will show in the calendar. The options are:

  • Topic Activity - Allows to view topic ativity of selected topics from creation to modification.
  • Open topics - Shows open topics from creation to final statuses.
  • Calendar planner (eg: Milestones or Environment planner) - Show schedulers with job slots o specific milestones.
  • Own fields - Personalize the fields to show, for example, if user want to see only a specific range of dates. Need to specify two fields:
  • Initial date.
  • Final date

Default View

Establish the default view of the calendar:

  • Month - Shows a month view by default.
  • Basic week - Show the complete week (from Sunday to Monday)
  • Schedule week - Show the week divided by hours.
  • Basic day - Only shows the present day.
  • Schedule day - Shows the present day divided by hours.s

First weekday

Select the first day of the week to see the calendar.

Select topics in categories

The option gives to user the chance to select the topics that will appear in the calendar view

Exclude selected categories?

Show only the categories not selected in the combo above.

Show jobs?

If the user has permissions it shows the jobs scheduled in the calendar.

Advanced JSON/MongoDB condition for filter

Allows to use a JSON format o MongoDB query to add a condition.


Where id is the unique key of the category which can be consulted through the REPL.

Label mask

Allows to personalize the information will show in the topic mask.


  ${category.acronym}#${topic.mid} ${topic.title}