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Search Syntax

Most of Clarive's Lists and Reports have search boxes. Terms introduced in the search boxes are case insensitive and represent an OR search.

For example, a search for the following terms:

gui security

will match all documents that have EITHER gui or security in one of the documents' fields, be it a Resource or a Topic.

On the other hand, the following query:

+gui +security

will only match documents that have BOTH gui and security in any of the documents' fields. One field, i.e. "title" may contain the word "gui", and the other, i.e. "department" may contain the word "security".

Case Sensitivity

All searches are case insensitive. To make them case sensitive, put double quotes around the word:


This will only search for documents with the word "GUI" in full uppercase.

In summary, here's a sample of supported search syntax:

term "term"  - case insensitive
Term  - case insensitive
T?rm  - matches 1 character in ?
T*rm  - matches 0 or more characters in *
+term1 +term2  - must have both term1 and term2
+term  -term2  - must have term1 but not term2
/term regex.*/  - regular expression

Field searching

Clarive supports also a limited set of field searches. Field searches search only specified fields.

status:"QA Done"

Searches only the "QA Done" status.

The tool also allows the use of hash for direct access to a specific Topic.


This goes directly to the specific Topic.