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cla proxy - A proxy client

cla proxy: is a proxy client that helps debug network traffic.

It's meant to debug incoming/outgoing traffic to/from the Clarive web server.

This can be useful when integrating Clarive with extraneous tools.

cla proxy cla proxy --port 5555 cla proxy --listen localhost:6565

Unpack option

The --unpack option translates the incoming data in hexadecimal, (but not outgoing), so that you can better trace incoming data.

 cla proxy --unpack

Data with the arrow to the right --> indicate data going from the client to the Clarive server.

Data with the arrow to the left <-- indicate data coming from the Clarive Server and going back to the client.

For instance, to trace Unix commands, one can configure the proxy with a env variable, called http_proxy:

 http_proxy=localhost:8089 git push origin master
 http_proxy=localhost:8089 curl http://localhost:3000/rule/json/myrule?api_key=99999999999999

Or you can configure the browser to do the same, using the cla proxy address as proxy.