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A Clarive workflow is the set of statuses and transitions that a Topic goes through during its lifecycle.

There are two types of workflows:

  • Topic-based, which are for simple workflows
  • Rule-based, for complex or reusable workflows

Topic Workflows

These are simple workflows that apply to a given Topic category.

Rule Workflows

Typically, most topic categories will do fine with just a simple, topic workflow.

Rule workflows should be used instead for complex decision transitions:

  • Project specific flows
  • Field-dependend transitions, ie. if "urgency" fieldlet value is "urgent" then skip "promote to QA"
  • External dependent workflow decisions, like calling an external webservice to determine where or how to promote the topic.
  • Field content checks conditional, such as checking that a given field has been filled-out before allowing promotion to happen.


Also, rule workflows are useful as reusable workflows. One workflow rule may be reused in many different topic categories.