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Clarive 7.8.2 Release Notes

Release date: 9 December 2021

We're pleased to present our new minor release of Clarive 7.8.2 with some important bugfixes and features:

Improvements and issues resolved

  • [ENH] #1853 Make admin entities clickable
  • [ENH] #1855 REPL UI improvements
  • [ENH] #1857 REPL stop script
  • [ENH] #1867 Upgrade Typescript to 4.* and make source map errors work
  • [ENH] #1868 Enable registry data entry to be available to op forms
  • [ENH] #1870 New LWP cla-js library
  • [ENH] #1873 Password fieldlet
  • [ENH] #1877 Add project vars to the stash
  • [ENH] #1886 ClaJS lwp filemode writing
  • [ENH] #1890 Allow Server Code ops to set return key
  • [ENH] #1892 IF condition should allow ClaJS code
  • [ENH] #1897 Resource dependent rules, topics and relations
  • [ENH] #1904 Add job mid and id to job stash
  • [FIX] #1829 Create topic fails if there's a slack notification configured and no access to
  • [FIX] #1847 Environment combo does not filter by name
  • [FIX] #1848 Duplicate data when creating empty clarive installation
  • [FIX] #1849 Non-attachable revisions showing add to topic
  • [FIX] #1850 Clarive web license timer not shutting down
  • [FIX] #1851 Error opening statuses
  • [FIX] #1869 Admin resource list is not searching for role name
  • [FIX] #1871 Typescript ClaJS babel-polyfill can only have one instance error
  • [FIX] #1876 Password field value is shown in Activity
  • [FIX] #1879 Project form is missing variables created by environment manually
  • [FIX] #1885 Missing description field at Ci's (i.e, generic_server)
  • [FIX] #1887 REPL sample tab does not allow edit
  • [FIX] #1888 IF/ELSE in rules is generating wrong DSL
  • [FIX] #1889 WS rules are sending the whole stash in the ws_response
  • [FIX] #1893 Update topic data accepts objects as mid
  • [FIX] #1895 Topics planning grid is not showing + sign to create children
  • [FIX] #1900 IF statements still have normal op options
  • [FIX] #1907 Can't view Profile history in pipeline rule ops
  • [FIX] #1912 Operations with needs_rollback_key are not executed in rollback

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