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One of the most used notification type in Clarive is email.

To setup email notifications, head over to the Admin Area > General Settings > Email and setup the (SMTP) email server and associated URL to back to the user as the link to open the message.

SMTP Authentication

Under Admin > General Settings > SMTP you can set the SMTP configuration fields:

  • SMTP Needs Authentication - put 1 or yes if the server needs authentication, leave it blank if it does not.

  • SMTP server user - username for the SMTP server

  • SMTP server password - password for the SMTP server

Advanced Settings

Head over to Admin Area > Advanced Settings to set additional options.

Filter for email settings by entering in the search box and hitting enter.

The following advanced settings will be shown: - set this value to 1 for Clarive to automatically attempt to define an email address for users without one, using the username@clariveserver combination. - this is the legacy field for the URL template value. - this is the default template used to send emails that do not have a template set, ie. email messages from rules.

config.notifications.template_default (deprecated) - default email template for notifications. - a default email address to use for messages that have no TO or CC recipients. More than one email address is allowed separated by spaces or commas. - the domain for guessing the email addresses of users, when the auto_generate_empty_emails option above is set. - set the number of seconds between each iteration of the email sender daemon. - this is the email sender address. - set this to limit the number of bytes for your attachments. - attempts to send an email to a user in case of failure (ie. SMTP server down or general networking issues) - set this to limit the size in bytes of your email messages. - the SMTP server hostname. - 0/1 controls if a SMTP server is needed. - the SMTP server user. - the SMTP server password - the timeout to send an email through SMTP (default: 30 seconds)