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cla db - Database utilities

The cla db helps admin and manage the Clarive Mongo database schema.

These are the subcommands available:


Reindexes all database tables, applying and updating the product recommended indexes again.

--drop - drops known (product) indexes before reindexing.

--collection [name] - limit reindex to just this collection name (ie. topic, master, etc.)

--text [name] - limit reindex to just text indexes, pass the optional collection name for filter text indexes on that collection: topic, master_doc, rule, notification...

WARNING: a reindex can take anywhere from a few minutes to many hours, and may block access to the database in the meanwhile. So make sure to plan in advance for downtime.


Dumps a selection of collections from the MongoDB database using the mongodump utility.

The collections dumped do not hold large "blobs", it only includes things such as topics, CIs, and admin info. The objective is to have a way of creating a quick dump to send to support that is not as big as a full database dump.

A local installation of a MongoDB client is needed for this command to work, and the mongodump command needs to be in the path.

--all - dumps all collections instead, instead of just essential ones.


cla db-cache-clear -c myconfig

Clears the application cache, where topics, resources, forms and other visual UI elements are stored.