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Clarive 7.12.4 Release Notes

Release date: 18 March 2024

We're pleased to present our new patch release of Clarive 7.12.4 with some important new features and bugfixes:

Improvements and issues resolved

  • [ENH] #2831 New button 'generate name' and disable save button in New Object Reservation Form (Genexus)
  • [ENH] #2863 Filter project bls in variables editor combo
  • [ENH] #2877 Ability to download files uploaded by the user in the interface (Genexus)
  • [ENH] #2883 Palette operation to add users to groups
  • [ENH] #2885 Sort job changesets with same order that in the release
  • [ENH] #2888 Rollback Job menu button in job log actions
  • [ENH] #2901 Typeahead search in Environment combobox of variable ci editor
  • [ENH] #2916 BL list in job monitor should be filtered by project if selected in scope

  • [FIX] #2827 ClaJS fireEvent fails duk undefined

  • [FIX] #2843 Environment variables not available in local scripts
  • [FIX] #2852 Add idRepo params in 'new object form'
  • [FIX] #2861 Foreach item operation uses also files when "Only Directories" selected
  • [FIX] #2867 Fix SVN repository UI
  • [FIX] #2870 Wrong transition selected in new job panel
  • [FIX] #2886 Remove bl should clean it's references in documents
  • [FIX] #2887 Report consolidate does not display right
  • [FIX] #2889 Specify report does not render right
  • [FIX] #2892 Reorg report does not render right
  • [FIX] #2900 Fields included in a form by a rule can not selected at role administration
  • [FIX] #2903 Topics tab in ci editor returns "no existe esa página"
  • [FIX] #2905 Fieldlet system.cis does not display in head section
  • [FIX] #2906 User can not view "Reports" unless specifically assigned "action.reports.view"
  • [FIX] #2907 Project in new topics with scope project selected is not saved
  • [FIX] #2917 Monitor filter status names should match row statuses
  • [FIX] #2925 Return error if thre are errors in specify xml and show warnings
  • [FIX] #2932 Cannot checkout a topic with gx and artifact revision

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