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Load User

Service that loads user information into a stash variable defined in the Return Key under the op Options tab.

The config form has the following fields:

  • Username - Username (user id) of the user to be loaded.

  • Mid Only? - Returns only user mid instead all document.

The user information document will loaded as a key-value map into the variable set as Return Key. The following keys are available:

  • active: 1 if the user is active, 0 if inactive

  • created_on: the datetime the user was created

  • date_format_pref: the user preferred date format mask, ie. DD/MM/YYYY

  • email: the user email

  • groups: an array of groups the user belongs to

  • language_pref: the user preferred language

  • mid: the user master id

  • project_security: an array of role-per-project security permissions for the user.

  • realname: the user full name

  • username: the user id

  • time_format_pref: the user preferred time format mask, ie. HH:mm

  • ts: the datetime the user was last modified

Data not included

The user encripted password and api_key are not loaded.