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Clarive 7.0.12 Release Notes

Release date: 18 January 2018

We're pleased to present our new release Clarive 7.0.12. This release contains a variety of minor fixes and improvements from 7.0.11. It is also focus on refactoring interface.

NPM Artifact Repository management

Therefore, Clarive team is proud to release new artifact repository enhancement. This new functionality, allows NPM packages management.

It is possible to surf the npm repository folders through the artifacts interface, content visualization and distinguishing the new packages that have been included in the repository.


Create atifacts tags in order to sort out them

Through rulebooks you can publish the new artifacts that are generated.

  - publish:
      repository: 'npm-repository' # repository name
      from: <artifact_path>
      to: <npm_repository_path>

Take a look to our docs website to know how to configure your artifact repository in Clarive


NPM repository events exits in Clarive. So, for example when npm publish command is executed if one repository, the artifact will be publish in also in clarive and also your team can be notified by email about that. You can check it in our documentation all you can do with events.

Improvements and issues resolved

  • [ENH] - Project menu revamp
  • [ENH] - Plugins code structure and formating
  • [ENH] - Owner can cancel and restart jobs
  • [ENH] - Interface plugins standarization
  • [FIX] - Docker images cache management
  • [FIX] - Show subtask editable grid only during edition
  • [FIX] - Differentiate environments and variables in menu

Ready to upgrade?

Just follow the standard procedure for installing the new version. Click here to get it from our Install page.


Join us in our Community to make suggestions and report bugs.

Thanks to everyone who participated there.