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A variable in Clarive is a globally defined Resource belonging to the class variable.

Each variable can hold values, like strings, numbers, lists, hashes (dictionaries) and Resources.

Variables can be referenced in Rules using the notation ${variable-name}.

When a rule runs, its stash is loaded with global variable default values. Then, as the rule advances, either variable values change or new variables are introduced to the stash.

Mandatory variables

Every variable can be set to mandatory. This affects the project variables (see Project for more info).

Blueprint Variables

Blueprint Variables contain other Variables configured within a Blueprint Rule. In order to make this set accessible outside the Blueprint (e.g. to Project Templates), we first need to create a new Variable, and set its Type to 'CI', and its Resource Role and Resource Class to 'Nature' in the respective combos. We must then create a Nature as a container for the selected Blueprint.

Copy variables

When copying variables between environments (see Project for more info) if this flag is set the value of the variable is also copied.

Project Variables

Every Project can have a set of variables with values set specifically for that Project. Moreover, for every Environment, different values can be set.

There are 2 types of project variables:

  • Admin project variables
  • Custom (user-defined) project variables

Admin project variables

Variables may be configured in an Project Template according to the Environment(s) in which they are available or are assigned a given value.

Custom project variables

These variables are defined in the Deploy > Variables inside the main Project area by users with the action.variables.admin permission.

They do not relate to the Variable resource (CI) as other variables and are stored separatedly. They also do not interfere with any other project variable defined in the system.