Replace Strings

Parse specified files from a given path. Parsed files can be processed in different ways according to the user criteria from the configuration window.

Form to configure has the following fields:

  • Path - Path to search for files to be processed.
  • Slurp - Checkbox to put all contents file in memory.
  • Items mode - Option to select files to be parsed. Values supported are:
  • All files - All files from path will be processed.
  • Only job items - Only files from nature will be parsed.
  • Output dir - Directory where parsed files will be left.
  • Suffix - Processed files will be renamed adding the configured suffix to the file.
  • Patterns - File data will be processed with assigned patterns from this field.
  • Includes - Files in list to be parsed must match patterns configured in this field.
  • Excludes - Files matching this pattern will be excluded from the list of files to be parsed.