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cla/rule -Rule execution

This namespace contains functions that enables your code to interop with the rule system.


Creates a new rule from a rule tree.

The rule tree is an Array data structure with one or more operations (nodes) that conform its implemented logic.

var rule = require("cla/rule");
var ruleId = rule.create({ name: "myrule", type: "independent" }, [
        attributes: {
            icon: "/static/images/icons/statement-code-server.svg",
            key: "statement.code.server",
            name: "Server CODE",
            text: "Server CODE",
            leaf: "false",
            data: {
                lang: "js",
                code: "cla.stash('returning_value', 999)",
        children: []

Runs the rule identified by the argument rule, which can be either a rule name or id.

The stash is an Object that can be created by the user and sent to the rule. If no stash is set the current program stash will be used. That's the one contained in cla.stash().

The function returns the stash after the rule execution.

Run with an empty stash:

var rule = require("cla/rule");
var stash ='myrule', {});

Run with the current stash:

var rule = require("cla/rule");'myrule');
print( cla.stash("returning_value") );