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System Messages

System messages are system-wide notifications that are posted to all registered Clarive users.

They are useful for notifying of upcoming downtime, e.g. due to maintenance or publishing change-of-behaviour and lifecycle enhancement notices to users.

Messaging behaviour

The messaging campaign starts once the message is published. Messages being read are kept track of and can be seen by the message administrators in the Read column, which indicates how many unique users have seen the message.

Clicking on Read opens the list of users who have dissmissed the message. Since the message is actually bothersome, because it limits the access to the menu bar on top, search and other functions, users are expected to dismiss messages by closing them.

Creating a new message

Enter the System Messages admin option. The system messages window will open with a list of current and previous messages.

Click on Compose to create a new message.

  • Title - The message title shown in the upper bar. Keep it short, something like "New Release Tip" or "Maintenance scheduled".
  • Text - The longer message shown in the upper bar. The title can actually be long, up to 130 characters is an acceptable title.
  • Expires - When the message will stop being shown to users. Follow the format (1H - 1 hour, 1D - one day etc.).
  • Users - Direct the message to only a given user. This can be used to quickly message a user who is logged in. Empty field means that all users will receive the message.
  • More Info - Optional. A longer message body, with detailed content. The text area accepts even images, where you can explain a new behaviour or phone numbers to call, etc.

Click on Publish to publish the message immediately.

Testing a new message

To test a message before making it public, we recommend setting the username field to oneself, i.e. the user who is publishing the message.

If the message is deemed ready for public releases, simply clone the message and re-publish it to a larger audience.

Stop broadcasting messages

Simply Delete a message from the list.

Cloning an existing message

This allows for a previous message to be cloned, making it easier to create a new messaging campaign based on a previous one.