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Install Directories

This document describes the directory structure of a Clarive installation.

The Clarive Base Directories CLARIVE_BASE

The Clarive base directory, referred to in this manual as CLARIVE_BASE, is where the Clarive structure is installed to.

The base directory contains common libraries and binaries used by Clarive, and by default, is where the temporary and data directories are located. This can be changed by the user through the [env].yml file.

CLARIVE_BASE in Linux, OS X and Unixes

This are the default directories of a Clarive installation:

  • jobs/ - temporary directory where jobs are written to.
  • data/ - database files are kept here by default, normally under data/mongo.
  • logs/ - for server log files and .pid and .lock process files.
  • tmp/ - for temporary files and directories used mostly by the web-server.
  • config/ - directory for user configuration files [env].yml. This directory is in the search path for the -c command-line option for the cla command. MongoDB and Nginx configuration files are kept here by default.
  • features/ - here is where user-installed product features are kept. each subdirectory here is a feature.
  • plugins/ - here is where user-installed product plugins. Each subdirectory is a plugin.
  • local/ - where all external libraries and binaries such as Git, OpenSSL, MongoDB drivers or Perl are kept. There are no serviceable files inside.
  • clarive/ - the CLARIVE_HOME directory. See below.

The Clarive Home Directories CLARIVE_HOME

The Clarive home directory is where the Clarive core software files is installed, usually under the CLARIVE_BASE directory.

There are no serviceable files inside, so do not change files here as they may generate errors and data corruption.

Changing the Default Installation Directories

To change the default directories, set new values in your configuration file file [config].yml.