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Form Rules

Form rules is the way to design custom topic category forms in Clarive.

Form work as a visual design tool for forms. With form rules we can define the fields (or fieldlets) that go into a topic category form.

When a form rule runs, the form design is pushed to the stash. The UI will receive the designed form and translate that into HTML to be shown to the user.

Don't make users wait

Do not call complex or slow ops in form rules (like an external program/webservice). Users are waiting for their topics to be shown and do not expect forms to be slow.

Required Fieldlets

Every form should have at least 2 fields:

  • Title
  • Status

The title field holds the topic name and cannot be removed. The status fieldlet has the current status of the topic in the workflow.

These 2 fieldlets are automatically included into the rule after creation.

Frequently Used Fieldlet Ops

Here's a list of the most useful fieldlets:


A long description field that can include @ user mentions and # references to other topics.

Revision Box

Used by changesets to hold repository commits and other change provider revisions.

Topic Selector

For including topics within other topics.

User Combo

For adding assignee users, reviewer users and other assoated user data to the topic.

Attach Files

For adding files to the topic.

Please note that every form also automatically has the following fields:

  • The MID, which is the topic ID and cannot be changed by the user.
  • Comments - not actually a fieldlet. Every topic holds a comment forum assoated with it.