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Create a report

Allow users to create a personalized topic queries. Users set the columns to show, categories and filters that makes possible to have in a topic grid the relevant information. This grid, can be configured with the following options:

Creating a user-defined Topic Query Report

To create topic query report head over to the Topic > Reports interface and hit the Create Report button.

General Options

  • Name - Set the report name.

  • Rows - Set the number of rows per page in the grid.

  • Recursive level - Ajust the depth of the relations between topics.

  • Permissions - We can set the privacity of our report.

    • Private - Only the owner of the report can view it.
    • Public - Shows a combo box Users and roles where we can set who can see the report.

Query Building

In this tab we can select the setting of our report. At the left side we can see all categories and their fieldlets.

At the right side, the tree with added data into the report:

  • Categories - Drag and drop the category which we want to see in the report from left side to here.

  • Fields - Drag here the fieldlets we want to see in the report. Clicking in each field we can see some options:

    • Header - Set the title of the column.
    • Width - Set the width of the column.
  • Filter - In addition, we can filter data dragging the fieldlets here. Clicking on each fieldlet we can set some options, for example:

    • String - We can filter a fieldlet by text.
    • CI/Resource - Can filter with some conditions like IN, NOT IN, etc.. in Resource items
    • Date - Also we can filter data by date.
  • Order - Finally, we can set the default order to show the report. Drag a fieldlet here, and click on it. This will show a menu to set the order type: ASC or DESC.

To finish, just click on Save. Now Run your report to get the data grid.