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IF var condition THEN

Allow to use multiples values in a conditional step.

To configure it, we have some combos to customize our conditions:


Specify when the IF step is TRUE and can run the elements inside the IF service:

  • Any - At least condition is true, same like an OR (x OR y OR z).
  • All - All conditions should be true to make the IF flow. Same like an AND (x AND y AND z).
  • None - None of the conditions are true. Same as !(x AND y AND z).


Set the IF condition:

  • Stash Variable - Fill with the variable to be compared.
  • Operator - Set the type of comparison.

In some cases (like 'EQUALS'), we need to configure to more options:

  • Ignore case - To ignore case type (uppercase or lowercase) in the comparison.
  • Numeric - Compare values as a numeric type or string type.
  • Value - Fill the value which will be compared with the Stash Variable field.

Remove - Remove the condition.

Add Condition - Allow to add a new condition.