Edit Calendar

Select Calendaring in the menu bar Deploy. Then select the Edit option. Also you can click on the name of the calendar to open Edit mode.

In the next window there are two sections:

  • Calendar Info - Where you can edit all information about the calendar.
  • Calendar Windows - Assign windows to the calendar.

In the left section you can see the days of the week that are specified in the calendar at the right.

Clicking in the graph, you can edit the calendar slot. The options are:

  • Day - Select the day.
  • Type - Select the slot type with one of the following states:
  • Normal - Enables the job slot.
  • Urgent - Gives more priority than Normal type.
  • No Job - Disallow jobs in the specified time slot. This option takes precedence over the others options.
  • Start Time - Set the start time of the slot.
  • End Time - Indicates the end time of the slot.

The actions that can be performed once established the options are:

  • Modify Slot - Deletes the previous slot and modified by the new.
  • Overwrite - Overrides the interval selected by the type indicated.
  • Delete - Deletes the slot.
  • Activate Slot - Activates the slot.
  • Disable (No Job) - Disables the slot.
  • Create Active Slot - Create an active slot.
  • Create Inactive Slot - Create an inactive slot.
  • Close - Close the window without save the changes.

If you want to define a slot for a specific day, click on New Slot below each day.