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Clarive 7.10.3 Release Notes

Release date: 28 August 2023

We're pleased to present our new patch release of Clarive 7.10.3 with some important fixes:

Improvements and issues resolved

  • [ENH] #2589 Cla js forks
  • [FIX] #2594 ClaJS does not return or pass booleans correctly from methods
  • [FIX] #2645 Error opening project combo in rules
  • [FIX] #2646 "Cannot execute update method ..." error creating branch
  • [FIX] #2647 Adv. JSON filter not working in ci list if $or especified
  • [FIX] #2648 User cannot export ci with correct permissions
  • [FIX] #2649 closed_on field should not be updated if topic is already closed

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