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Upgrading from previous versions

After downloading the software, it is recommended to unzip on a different directory from the current directory. You can also use the same directory and overwrite the files.

Keeping the same directory for Clarive

If you decide to keep the same directory as the previous version of Clarive, it is necessary to make a backup of folders $CLARIVE_BASE/local and $CLARIVE_BASE/clarive and replace them with the new ones.

New Directory for Clarive

When using a different directory, it is necessary to update the environment variable $CLARIVE_BASE with the directory where you want to unzip the new version.

export CLARIVE_BASE=/opt/clarive

We must also move the folders where the logs, the features and configurations, etc are.

rm -rf $CLARIVE_BASE/local
rm -rf $CLARIVE_BASE/clarive

Once these steps are done, the new version of the directory is decompressed in the new directory $CLARIVE_BASE

Data Migrations

Data migrations may be required when starting the server (dispatcher or web server).

When migrations are needed, the following message will be shown:

pid_file: /opt/clarive/logs/
(I)2015-03-04 21:19:38.057[74032] [B::Mongo:81] Mongo: new connection to db `acmebank`
(D)2015-03-04 21:19:38.062[74032] [cache:43] CACHE Setup ok: expire_seconds 90000 driver Mongo
ERROR: Migrations are not up to date. Run with --migrate flag or use migra- commands

To remedy this situation, start the server or dispatcher with the --migrate option added:

cla web-start -c [config_file] --migrate

This will trigger a migration run, after which it will start the server/dispatcher normally.