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Managing Status

A given topic has different statuses, and one single status can be used by any number of topics.

Status administration is performed by selecting the Resources button in the explorer panel in the left.

This will display the resources tree structure in the left panel.

The following actions buttons are available above the list of Status:

  • Search for all statuses containing the search string entered.
  • Delete the selected Status: All the Status that have their checkbox selected will be deleted.
  • Import/Export low-level configuration data of the selected Status:

When clicking on the export button, low-level configuration data can be exported in YAML, JSON, HTML and CSV formats by clicking on the symbol YAML and CSV formatted data can be imported.

This is handy for sharing and exchanging of status information.


The following information needs to be provided for creation:

  • Name - Name of the status.
  • Description - Long description of the status.
  • Active - Specify whether the status should be active once created.
  • Moniker - Alternate unique key of the status. It defaults to the status name if not filled out.
  • Version - Speciflies status versions.
  • Environments - Environment in which topics can have the status.
  • Sequence - A number allowing reordering display of the statuses as a list.
  • Bind Releases - Indicating whether Changesets will be bound to a release in this status.
  • View in Tree - Option to see all topics in this status in Clarive project tree explorer.

Types of status

  • General - By default. Used for intermediate flow statuses.
  • Initial - Initial status of a category, any new topic from that category will have this status.
  • Deployable - Status and target status from workflow will appear in the project tree explorer.
  • Cancelled - A Final status and unsuccesful end, topics are not in progress anymore.
  • Final - A Final status and unsuccesful end, topics are not in progress anymore
  • Color - Color in which the topics in this status will be displayed.
  • Icon Path - To display defined icon in status menu.