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Resource combo

Allows to introduce a combo box with Resources in the form.

There are a list of elements can be configured in the fieldlet:

Section to view

Indicates where the fieldlet will be in the Summary view of the Topic.

  • Body - Shows the fiedlet in the top right of the page.
  • Details - Shows the fiedlet in the right part of the page.

Row width

Allows to personalize the anchor of the fieldlet in Edit topic.

The maximum allowed value is 12 (100% width of the tab).

Row height

Allows to personalize the height of the fieldlet in Edit topic.

The maximum allowed value is 12.

Hidden from view mode

Indicates if the field will be hidden from the view mode.

Hidden from edit mode

Indicates if the field will be hidden from the edit mode.

Mandatory field

Check if you want the field as mandatory.


Allow to set the type of the field.

  • Single - Allows to select one choice of the options available.
  • Multiple - The user can select multiples choices.
  • Grid - The added topics are shown in a table.

Display field

Set the field to show in case you didn´t choose Grid type

By default, Resource title is shown.

Advanced filter JSON

Allows to use a JSON format to add a condition.

    {"name":"Project_name"} {"moniker":"Moniker_of_the_project"}

Selectable fields to filter can be found through the REPL. In this case the command would be: CI-> project-> find_one ();

It is also possible to apply date intervals to limit results. To use this, is necessary to make use of the commands lt and gt own by MongoDB.

    {"ts": {"$gt":"2016-03-22","$lt":"2016-04-08" } }

Selection method

You specify the values that appear in the form. Two types to choose from:

  • Role selection - Select the role to be displayed on the form, regardless of class. For example, if we choose Agent, in the form we will see all Agents, ftp_agent, clax_agent, etc...
  • Class selection - We can specify class of the Resource.

Default value

To show a default value in the box.

It is only enabled once the previous fields are completed.

Filter field

Specify a condition to the Resource combo.

This is a combo with every fieldlets that are in the form.

Filter data

Specify a condition to the data.

This field is required if previous field is not empty.

Filter type

Specify the logic of the filter.

By default, filter type is OR.

For more information, there is a how-to called Filters in fieldlets.


Selection of type of description to show in the list.

  • Name - Show the name.
  • Environment - Show the Environment separated by commas.
  • Class - Show the type object.
  • Moniker - Show the moniker specified in the Resource configuration.