Publish local file to log

This op uploads a file from the job directory into the Clarive database, by publishing it to the job log and job artefact list.

This is ideally used to publish binary artifacts produced by your job so that users can download it locally.

Optionally, only the filename can be published as a "generated artifact", simply as a reference to users as which file artifacts where generated by the job.

  • File Path - path to the file in the local directory. To get the prefix to the job home directory, use ${job_dir}/${project}/...file.extension...

  • Filename (optional) - name of the file as it will be called in the log, and as file name for downloads. If no filename is specified, the file path will be used.

  • Store Data (optional) - checked: file will be uploaded to the database and stored. Unchecked: only a reference to the file will exist.

  • Message (optional) - the message will be shown next to the filename in the job log.


When job logs are first purged, all debug information and log data is deleted. This includes files uploaded with this op.