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Common Command-Line Options

This are the common, global command-line options.

Some commands may not use them internally, so it doesn't apply necessarily to every command, but it does get loaded by the main Clarive cla command manager.

-c [config_file]

This option sets the config file to be used, ie. the option -c mypersonal will tell cla to load the configuration options from any file called CLARIVE_BASE/config/mypersonal.yml in the config search hierarchy.


In previous Clarive versions this was known as the --env argument and was called environments, but for better standard it has been renamed, although the --env argument is supported as well for legacy reasons.


This flag indicates if Clarive should load plugins at initialization.

Use --no-enable-plugins to prevent Clarive from loading plugins from the init/ directory at startup.


Turns on reporting debug messages to the log file.

--trace [n]

This option sets the trace level for debug messages.

--base [path]

Sets a different CLARIVE_BASE environment variable.

Setting it here overwrites setting it as an environment variable.

--home [path]

Sets a different CLARIVE_HOME environment variable. By default CLARIVE_HOME is set to CLARIVE_BASE/clarive.

Setting it here overwrites setting it as an environment variable.

Setting options in the [env].yml config file

All the options here can be set also in the [config].yml file, except the -c option for logical reasons.

For example, this could be an [config].yml config file. All options with dash - in the name need to be translated to underscore _:

debug: 1
trace: 2
load_plugins: 0