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Clarive 7.2.6 Release Notes

Release date: 1 October 2018

We're pleased to present our new release Clarive 7.2.6. with these new functionalities:

Search in admin area

We added the search box in the admin area dashboard to facilitate the access to admin topics

New style to image uploaded in Description fieldlet

Images uploaded to topic descriptions now are easier to identify

Topic upload files fields

Upload fields in topics have been revamped and now they can be used from the topic view panel

Rerun job window style

Labels window refactor

More improvements and issues resolved

  • [ENH] Child topics modified should refresh parent
  • [ENH] Block Ready transition if not Successful CI
  • [ENH] Adapt extjs radio buttons style to antd
  • [ENH] Show all user fields in topic body
  • [ENH] Browse dashboards page revamp
  • [ENH] No results found page in Browse Dashboards
  • [ENH] Clarive no-cache flag

  • [FIX] Reduce topic opening "flicker"

  • [FIX] Refresh topic when attaching a new file
  • [FIX] Release visibility
  • [FIX] Deploy menu environments are not correct
  • [FIX] Rule designer not working after search
  • [FIX] Add label security controls to topic view
  • [FIX] Clear cache after changing permissions
  • [FIX] Clicking on a deleted topic in job monitor errors
  • [FIX] Notify pubsub job when changed status from CANCELLED to KILLED
  • [FIX] Fix new labels color in kanban cards
  • [FIX] Invitation form broken
  • [FIX] XSS Vulnerability on search
  • [FIX] Topics dashboards are not working
  • [FIX] Hidden in view mode hides also in edit
  • [FIX] Wrong pubsub port when --port specified in web-start
  • [FIX] Advance project settings crash
  • [FIX] Revisions not removed from topic
  • [FIX] "View sorce" crashes in "Large diff" window
  • [FIX] Show sha in git commit viewer
  • [FIX] Prevent rule ops from holding children when they should not
  • [FIX] Register changes merges at release level
  • [FIX] Specify "New commit" in new commit activity of topics
  • [FIX] Ignore create_on data from rules model test
  • [FIX] Invalid date in Safari
  • [FIX] User avatars are lost in Clarive upgrade
  • [FIX] ClariveSE load users test
  • [FIX] Cannot cla setup without a profile
  • [FIX] Review request email has invalid link
  • [FIX] Topic title be displayed correctly when user edits it
  • [FIX] Filtered topic lists from chart dashlets not working
  • [FIX] Remove box-shadow in Ext.Window elements
  • [FIX] Symlink checkout in git repositories not working
  • [FIX] Ensure job->releases are topic cis
  • [FIX] Missing changeset/release cis in job contents
  • [FIX] File upload fields do not filter extensions
  • [FIX] Size limit errors due to large event data
  • [FIX] Allow Search in Antd combos
  • [FIX] _seq Duplicate Index in load profile
  • [FIX] Advanced project panel failing to open

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