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Clarive 7.6.3 Release Notes

Release date: 25 August 2020

We're pleased to present our new minor release Clarive 7.6.3 with some new features and fixes:

(#1100) Internal comments in topics

We have added internal comments to the topics system so that you can communicate with the internal team avoiding the end user sees your comments.

New permissions (actions) and events have been created to allow implementors to configure these internal permissions in a flexible manner

(#1124) New "is empty" operator in filters

The topic grid now can be filtered by "empty" fields, i.e. search for topics that are not assigned to a release

(#1147) Git history should use graph sorting

All git logs are now sorted in graph mode instead of chronological mode. We have also add some icons to the log commits so you can identify merges, tags and branches much better

(#1168) Event semaphores should allow nested events

Since this Clarive version, updating a topic in an event pre-online rule of the same topic was not possible due to a dead-lock when trying to take the pre-online semaphore for the topic. We have added this feature that allows to execute several updates of the same topic in the same critical region (semaphore)

More improvements and issues resolved

  • [ENH] #1126 Add more info in Topic grid title
  • [ENH] #1159 Improve last jobs by app dashlet times
  • [ENH] #1160 Allow separate ipv6 session tracking
  • [ENH] #1173 Support lang setting in config file
  • [ENH] #1178 Report of Roles assigned to project groups for users
  • [ENH] #1179 Import rule YAML fails without message if scopes are invalid
  • [ENH] #1182 Focus on input field on Surrogate modal window
  • [ENH] #1189 Keep resource grid filters in URL
  • [ENH] #1191 Custom columns in ci-gridtree
  • [FIX] #1111 User can remove a topic when a job is running
  • [FIX] #1120 Cannot have custom branches "release" or "production"
  • [FIX] #1132 Open release as grid is not a link
  • [FIX] #1133 Username parameter repeated in topic grid many times
  • [FIX] #1136 "Related" is missing to execute reports for top level topics
  • [FIX] #1137 Checkout operations should checkout path ordered
  • [FIX] #1142 Root cause analysis is not removing job from cache
  • [FIX] #1143 Topic grid sort not working
  • [FIX] #1146 Invalid date in git repository revision list
  • [FIX] #1150 fix: don't allow page and limit to be NaN in topics query
  • [FIX] #1151 The invitation signup process redirects to a wrong page
  • [FIX] #1152 Relogin window opening multiple times
  • [FIX] #1153 Topic export to CSV gets truncated when a topic title contains a hash symbol (#)
  • [FIX] #1158 Dashboards are not loading
  • [FIX] #1164 Labels view topics not working
  • [FIX] #1170 Opening topics grid from categories goes to Open topics
  • [FIX] #1172 statement.code.server palette operation parses code as javascript even when it is configured as perl
  • [FIX] #1174 Background color always white for all repl themes
  • [FIX] #1181 When creating/editing topics you do not get always the same format for the form
  • [FIX] #1186 Default variable values not decrypted on stash
  • [FIX] #1188 List topics dashlet not working
  • [FIX] #1190 Topic view not working
  • [FIX] #1192 CI box searches are not working correctly
  • [FIX] #1193 Resource grid search back button not working --- ''

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