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Clarive 7.10 Release Notes

Release date: 20 June 2023

We're pleased to present our new minor release of Clarive 7.10 with some important fixes and new features:

Improvements and issues resolved

  • [ENH] #2409 Typescript shims
  • [ENH] #2497 Reserve objects repositories (GeNexus)
  • [ENH] #2542 Change nginx prefix on start
  • [ENH] #2546 Restore INCLUDE Rule operation in palette
  • [FIX] #2544 Refresh page sometimes is blank
  • [FIX] #2547 Send files won't fail if not enough space in device for ssh_agent
  • [FIX] #2564 Job status is not showing correctly when in ROLLBACK error in monitor
  • [FIX] #2565 When retrying job after trap status stays in RETRYING. No refresh
  • [FIX] #2566 "Invalid fields" error message windows is opened behind the editor

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