Ship File Remotely

Get files from a remote site according to user options from the configuration window.

Form to configure has the following fields:

  • Server - Server that holds the remote file, server to connect to.
  • User - User allowed to connect to remote server.
  • Recursive - Get files in a recursive way through directories behind base path.
  • Local mode - Specifies what files are part of the list to get from remote server.They can be:
  • Local files - All files found.
  • Nature items - Files involved in current nature.
  • Exist Mode Local - Choose kill the process if the file does not exist.
  • Rel mode - Relative path to place files in local server. Options are:
  • File only - To take only file names.
  • Rel path job - Files path relative to job dir.
  • Rel path anchor - Files path relative to a path configured by the user. By default: ${job_dir}/${project}
  • Anchor path - Path to anchor files relative path.
  • Remote path - Path in remote server to get files to ship to the local server.
  • Exist Mode Remote - Set the behaviour when the file exists in remote path.
  • Backup Mode - To make a backup of the file.
  • Rollback Mode - Select the action of this service when the rule executed rollback.
  • Asset Track Mode - Track copied assets.
  • Audit Asset Drift - Check if tracked assets were not modified when overwriting.
  • Chown - Set the owner of the file.
  • Chmod - Set the permissions of the file.
  • Max Transfer Chunk Size - Allow to chunk the file sending small chunks. Set the chunk size in KB.
  • Copy File Attributes - Check if you want to copy also file attributes.
  • Filters - Allow to add filters to the directory.
    • Include paths - Path patterns (whether directories or files) to search for files or items that match user criteria.
    • Exclude paths - Exclude paths or files from the search.