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In Clarive it is possible to view the Lifecycle of a Topic as a graphical display.

Viewing a Topic's Lifecycle

Click Open life cycle (located to the top right-hand side of the tab). This displays the Plain mode of the Topic Lifecycle as default. Here the entire Lifecycle is shown, regardless of Role. Roles are, by default, not marked in this view, although labels may be added by clicking on Options and selecting With Labels from the dropdown list. In Options you may also select icons and/or color as visual aids.

Alternatively, click Role to view the Lifecycle in Role mode, which displays the various Roles in a series of boxes, which contain the parts of the Lifecycle pertinent to each respective Role. The Options button is also available in this mode.

Click on Plain to return to Plain mode.

The Overview pane allows you to bring into view parts of the Lifecycle (in either mode) that are off-screen. Click into this pane and move the cursor to into view the relevant part of the Lifecycle in the main pane. You may also use Zoom - and Zoom + as appropriate. These functions are available in both Plain and Role modes. You may also click in the main pane and move the cursor around to navigate.