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Clarive 7.4.0 Release Notes

Release date: 25 March 2019

We're pleased to present our new release Clarive 7.4.0 with these new functionalities:

Topics grid revamp

The topics grid has been totally revamped. We have added a lot of functionality:

Topics grid tour

The first time that any user accesses the new topic grid, he will get a pop-up window with a tour through the grid functionality

Change status directly in the topic row

Now the user can easily change the status of any topic by clicking in the status balloon of the topic row and selecting the destination status

Quick and advanced filters

The way to filter the rows in the topic grid now is easier to use with the quick filters and/or the advance filters

Delivery tags

Every changeset or release will show the new Delivery Tags that will help you to understand the status of your depoyments

...and much more

Notify users of license expired

Whenever your Clarive product license is in an incorrect state (expired, exceeded # of users, etc.) you'll be notified in the interface

Slack in core

The slack plugin has been included in the product core and now you can easily define slack notifications in the project configuration

Admin Roles revamp

The role administration panel has been revamped to make administrator's life easier when assigning permissions to roles

Kanban mini / zoom out view

We have added a new mode for kanban boards to minify the size of the cards so you can view more items in one window without scrolling

Change rule data editors to YAML editors

All the rule operations that have some complex configuration have been modify to accept YAML format in the configuration box.

... with some help

More improvements and issues resolved

  • [ENH] graphql plugin
  • [ENH] Add linting to the test suite
  • [ENH] Update duktape
  • [ENH] Upgrade to antd latest
  • [ENH] Upgrade compatibility for Git 2.19.0
  • [ENH] Cache keys code revamp
  • [ENH] Make Nginx respond with error when Catalyst server is down
  • [ENH] Minify UI
  • [ENH] Extract Cla globals in plugin/common
  • [ENH] Warn user on older browsers
  • [ENH] Add job duration prediction to new job
  • [ENH] Tour of new topic grid
  • [ENH] Remove unused fields in user document
  • [ENH] React Login
  • [ENH] Put paging on top bar of topic grid
  • [ENH] Add reset columns button in topic grid
  • [ENH] Add header to make pubsub not buffered
  • [ENH] Load project variables value in topic form rules
  • [ENH] Show only "open" topics
  • [ENH] Add warning when user is added to groups
  • [ENH] Click-zoom for images in topic comments
  • [ENH] New login image
  • [ENH] Auto convert URLs to links in comments/description
  • [ENH] Job rescheduling when Expired
  • [ENH] Restyle user detail window
  • [ENH] Remove nature resource useless tabs
  • [ENH] Rename Project repository
  • [ENH] Optimize topic grid load time
  • [ENH] Allow for user custom local .linterignore
  • [ENH] Add release field to topic grid filters
  • [ENH] Status revamp
  • [ENH] Improve error message when base branch does not exist
  • [ENH] Enable graphql error logs on debug mode
  • [ENH] Update permissions descriptions
  • [ENH] Do not update BLs if topic already deployed to BL
  • [ENH] Integrate Cypress e2e tests

  • [FIX] REPL should show it's running

  • [FIX] Modified by in Topic should be Last Modified By
  • [FIX] Safari description full screen
  • [FIX] Kanban grey area is not 100% height
  • [FIX] Remove topic actions from internal reports
  • [FIX] Misaligned UI search + grid
  • [FIX] Code comments translate HTML
  • [FIX] JS error sorting by Name in User admin
  • [FIX] URL should check user permissions before load React page
  • [FIX] Kanban transitions are reporting invalid activity
  • [FIX] IE error when loading CLARIVE after login
  • [FIX] Document openFile encoding in ClaJS
  • [FIX] Links in descriptions are not opening in New Window
  • [FIX] Resource is being opened as last version
  • [FIX] Variable edit window won't reopen
  • [FIX] Add href to Settings icon in top bar
  • [FIX] Resource ts is not updated on save
  • [FIX] Project settings repository and advanced not working
  • [FIX] Vertical scrollbar is far from window edge
  • [FIX] Search query not loaded from url
  • [FIX] javascript missing vars in strict mode
  • [FIX] Git chmod changes not shown
  • [FIX] UTF8 encoding issue with new graphql server
  • [FIX] Lists menu overlaps main page
  • [FIX] Top bar does not show the avatar in Firefox 60
  • [FIX] Fix failing npm js tests
  • [FIX] Misaligned icons in topic grid
  • [FIX] Topic labels click not working in topic grid
  • [FIX] Topic grid does not show search if on page 2
  • [FIX] Cannot see variables due to JS errors
  • [FIX] Fix typo and alignment in project branching
  • [FIX] Filter and pagination inconsistent in Users grid
  • [FIX] User inbox fails to open
  • [FIX] Job log stream causing JS error
  • [FIX] Fix failing pubsub tests
  • [FIX] Cannot open a step log from job dashboard
  • [FIX] Filter fields not working in Release Combos
  • [FIX] Cannot open topic in new tab from kanban board
  • [FIX] Turn to white background Kanban config body
  • [FIX] Can't select revisions from all repositories in releases
  • [FIX] git file browser when files has # in name
  • [FIX] Bad date format in topic grid filters
  • [FIX] Global scroll in rule designer
  • [FIX] JavaScript error creating a new daemon
  • [FIX] Upload files to topic fails in Safari
  • [FIX] Timeout reached when loading branches
  • [FIX] Assign custom permissions to users not working
  • [FIX] JavaScript error opening user details from Monitor grid
  • [FIX] Reports created with previous versions do not load query tab when editing
  • [FIX] When filtering by "Projects" fields in support no combo values are loaded when editing filter configuration options
  • [FIX] Reports load topic grid when user didn't load before
  • [FIX] Success job image in comments is showing animated
  • [FIX] NPM artifact repositories: file downloads fail from the interface
  • [FIX] Wrong format in topic comments
  • [FIX] Add natures column to jobs monitor
  • [FIX] User can access jobs of projects he cannot access
  • [FIX] Labels dissapear in Kanban boards
  • [FIX] Cannot save slack notification config
  • [FIX] Topic grid status filtering
  • [FIX] Filters not working if Opened/Closed selected
  • [FIX] cla passwd does not accept text on input
  • [FIX] User combo search is not working
  • [FIX] Passing innerRef to React element
  • [FIX] Operation timeout not working in neither local nor remote scripts
  • [FIX] Mid instead of name in transitions done from Kanban
  • [FIX] Fix frequent concurrency failing tests
  • [FIX] Flickering elements on page resize
  • [FIX] Reduce When column width in monitor grid
  • [FIX] New html field styles apply changes to all fields
  • [FIX] Clearer error message when pubsub is down
  • [FIX] Usergroups fails when no permission to admin users
  • [FIX] Disable save button when It is added a user without roles (project settings)
  • [FIX] Search by username in usergroup grid
  • [FIX] When adding variables to ci properties some variables dissapear from the environment tab.
  • [FIX] Filter and navigation options at artifacts window are half-hidden
  • [FIX] Rule designer show empty page
  • [FIX] TypeError creating a new variable
  • [FIX] Admin resource permissions is not working
  • [FIX] Add label to topic does not generate event.topic.modify event
  • [FIX] Fix green button antd error
  • [FIX] Fix and document Webservice rule ws_response_methods
  • [FIX] Mentions (@) and topic links (#) don't work in topic posts
  • [FIX] Remove link in Expand/Collapse button in kanban cards
  • [FIX] Sort values in Advanced filters
  • [FIX] In topic grid filters cannot select same user in two different filters
  • [FIX] No border radius on icons
  • [FIX] Clicking on topic makes side menu collapse
  • [FIX] Fix formatting error in release
  • [FIX] Improve filtering sort
  • [FIX] Artifacts interface does not show
  • [FIX] action.admin.role_grant does not work with Any bound value
  • [FIX] Scheduler should not appear in Explore left panel
  • [FIX] User does not take user group permissions
  • [FIX] Hidden tabs in rule editor
  • [FIX] JES viewer not working in 7.4
  • [FIX] dashlet.job.chart link to job monitor view do not work when environment filter is applied
  • [FIX] No html allowed in error message
  • [FIX] Admin Roles Fixes
  • [FIX] Missing Markdown styles for git repo viewer
  • [FIX] Markdown README style issues
  • [FIX] JS errors when user hide details in a CI grid
  • [FIX] ClaJS safe mode errors in Rulebooks
  • [FIX] Change plus/collapse icon in categories workflow
  • [FIX] List topic dashlets are not expanding to max width
  • [FIX] Sorting by modified date not working in topic grid
  • [FIX] Assigned to gets overwritten when put In Progress
  • [FIX] Empty promote menu when user has no statuses
  • [FIX] Artifact window date sorting does not work properly

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