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Use filters in fieldlets

The following fieldlet ops are available in the Rule Designer palette.

These fieldlets have hidden filters which can be used to further limit the data selection that will be shown to the user:

  • Filter field - This field is a combo with every fieldlets that are in the form. It is important to save the form before use this combo, because the fieldlets unsaved will not appear in the combo. In this field, we are selecting the fieldlets where we pick up the values of the filter.

  • Filter data - In this field, we have to introduce the key of our filter.

  • Filter type - We have to select if we want a filter with or-logic or with and-logic.


Say we want to filter topics by users. There are two fieldlets, the first one is a user combo with id 'users', and the second one is topic selector with id 'topics'. The fieldlets 'users' has to be in the form above topics fieldlet. In the topics fieldlets, we would select:

  • Filter field - users.
  • Filter data - owner.
  • Filter type - OR.

So we introduce the following value to filter the data:

    {'owner':$in['user-1, user-2..']}

Now, we want to filter a resource combo using a pill. The first step, is creating a pill with the id 'pills' and the following setting:

  • Option settings - user;project
  • DefaultValue - user

Then, we create a ci combo with id 'ci_combo'. For this fieldlet we have to select:

  • Filter field - pills.
  • Filter data - collection.
  • Filter type - OR.

Now, we are going to create a more complex filter. We create two fieldlets, one ci combo with id 'ci_combo' with the following setting:

  • Roles - All
  • Resource Class - project

And now, create a topic selector with id 'topic_selector' and:

  • Advanced Filter JSON - {'name_status': 'New'}
  • Filter field - ci_combo
  • Filter data - system

With this filter, after selecting a project, we obtain all the topics that has the project in status 'New'.