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Clarive allows the User to store in one place all items considered to be of relevance to him or her.

The Favorites system allows all types of tab such as searches, reports, topics, jobs and resources to be stored either as a grid or specific topics.

Favorites may also be stored in folders in order to capitalize on space and orderliness. In order to create a new folder, right click on Favorites and click on .


In order to save the active window, the user can simply click on the star icon to the top right-hand side of the page.

Open a new window by clicking on the icon. Here the user is able to change the name, along with the desired color and format using HTML code.

Should you wish to save items from the panel on the left-hand side in favorites, right-click on said item and select the option Add to favorites...


To view Favorites, click on the Lifecycle bar at the top left of the page.


To create Favorites, click on the bar at the top right of the page. Enter a name and click Save.


Favorites may also be organized by folder; new folders are created by clicking in the Lifecycle panel. Favorites may then be organized by dragging and dropping them into the newly created folder.


The system lets the user enter any HTML code in the Favorite name field for enhanced visibility.