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Clarive 7.2.0 Release Notes

Release date: 6 July 2018

We're pleased to present our new release Clarive 7.2.0.

This release has mainly implemented a totally new user interface much more intuitive, easier and faster.

  • User preferences detail revamp
  • Topic revamp react
  • Pubsub revamped
  • Explore menu
  • Integrate Amazon Feature
  • Topic Categories viewer
  • Admin dashboard layout

New Create menu

The create menu has been totally revamped to improve the UX

Project and global navigation

Now you can navigate the Clarive contents in either a project context mode (by selecting the project in the upper menu) or globally (by selecting Explore in the upper menu).


When a project is selected all the information shown when selecting options in the left menu will be filtered by the project selected

Project settings panel revamped

to easily administer the project configuration (repositories, team, variables, etc.)

New Git repository navigation


All other repositories (change providers) like Subversion, Endevor, Changeman, SCM Harvest, Nexus, Clarive Local Artifacts, SAP, TFS, etc. can also be navigated through the new interface, but just some of the functionalities will be available

Revision assignation

Assignation of revisions to topics is now done in the repository browser from the topic revision field itself

New Rule designer interface

Topic view window improved

Topic edit and create are now done in a modal window


The topic creation windows will only show the mandatory fields for the user/status/category


No more tabs inside Clarive interface but all drilldowns can be done in a new browser tab

Autorefresh everywhere

Autorefresh is now implemented in many of the information panels (topic view, job monitor, job detailed log, kanban boards, etc.). More to come in next releases.

Live log streams

Command execution output (local and remote) now can be seen as a live stream in a side panel instead of a new tab

User invites

Is your team ready to use Clarive? Send them invitation from inside Clarive

New topic categories viewer

Project or global

User preferences detail revamp

More improvements and issues resolved

  • [ENH] Change css styles in create menu, tables and dashlets
  • [ENH] New app navigation
  • [ENH] Detail project revamp
  • [ENH] Allow user invitation with assigned security profile
  • [ENH] User preferences detail revamp
  • [ENH] Topic revamp react
  • [ENH] Pubsub configuration
  • [ENH] New navigation enhancements
  • [ENH] Rule designer in react
  • [ENH] Change top bar UI
  • [ENH] New antd greys and font colors
  • [ENH] Remove mono font as table's first column font
  • [ENH] Adapt login page to new theme
  • [ENH] Use Clarive icons with new UI
  • [ENH] Surrogate and Change Password options
  • [ENH] Adapt styles to antd
  • [ENH] Pagging botton antd style
  • [ENH] Improve styles in topic view
  • [ENH] Rename demo plugin to app
  • [ENH] Blue color create button
  • [ENH] Fix flickering top menu
  • [ENH] Repository area and revisions as react fieldlet
  • [ENH] Remove iFrame rendering from new app
  • [ENH] Options Select Menus Enhancement
  • [ENH] Change Create button style
  • [ENH] New app navigation fixes round 2
  • [ENH] i18n characters and no bundle
  • [ENH] Reduce Bundles size
  • [ENH] Browse Dashboards page
  • [ENH] Create button revamp style
  • [ENH] New app Create Button
  • [ENH] Admin Create User page revamp
  • [ENH] reports reactified
  • [ENH] Unified webpack 4 config
  • [ENH] Pubsub Refresh
  • [ENH] Webpack optimization and cleanup
  • [ENH] Topic operations can be configured to "bypass" security
  • [ENH] Hide create button recent items if empty
  • [ENH] Change input font size in old extjs windows
  • [ENH] Git plugin enhancements
  • [ENH] Change font-size in Title input in edit mode
  • [ENH] All topics and Global Navigation
  • [ENH] Reports link navigation
  • [ENH] Add remove all functionality to kanban statuses select filter
  • [ENH] Api key for other users prefs not working
  • [ENH] Admin dashboard view and variables by project
  • [ENH] Clone repository URL
  • [ENH] Collapse side menu when screen max width 1080
  • [ENH] Explore menu
  • [ENH] Integrate Amazon Feature
  • [ENH] Render bread crumb as anchor links
  • [ENH] Topic Categories viewer
  • [ENH] Admin dashboard layout

  • [FIX] Make sure clax standalone version backwards compatibility

  • [FIX] Make sure not to filter out kanban cards if they don't have projects field
  • [FIX] Make sure time elapsed calculated correctly on kanban cards
  • [FIX] Checkout of symlinks in git repositories keep pointed file permissions
  • [FIX] cla i18n don't create plugin translation
  • [FIX] Put all missing next status in topic button
  • [FIX] New navigation fixes #1
  • [FIX] Code splitting and page loading enhancement
  • [FIX] "Create and Add" button should not open the new topic, but add it to the original grid
  • [FIX] Fix git file source viewer
  • [FIX] UI minor fixes in grids
  • [FIX] Modal z-index order
  • [FIX] Fix styles in superboxes and search fields
  • [FIX] Make sure app top menu select boxes shows recent options
  • [FIX] Make sure search on ci box works properly
  • [FIX] Fix git diff file links jump into view
  • [FIX] Still fixing CI box errors
  • [FIX] New app fixes round #3
  • [FIX] CI 'Save' button should be enabled
  • [FIX] Fix kanban error when id_status is missing
  • [FIX] Get return value from agent when shipping a file
  • [FIX] CI Variables not showing saved values
  • [FIX] Fix auto-bundler to build generic webpack
  • [FIX] Fix React Warnings
  • [FIX] cla i18n remove duplicates from bottom comments
  • [FIX] Git missing diff styles
  • [FIX] Fix redirect path "/r" routing loop
  • [FIX] Fix git hooks auto build error
  • [FIX] Add missing admin pages
  • [FIX] Topic URL in templates should be /#/track/topics/
  • [FIX] Do not show duplicate entries in top menus
  • [FIX] Redirect topic related commits to commit diff page
  • [FIX] Admin page sections alignment
  • [FIX] Change font-family in diff views
  • [FIX] Fix kanban side panels open behavior
  • [FIX] Selected environment is not shown when editing Calendar
  • [FIX] Missing webservice rule
  • [FIX] Daemons in admin area
  • [FIX] Create menu is empty if no recent is detected
  • [FIX] Fix projects variables list
  • [FIX] Avoid admin dashboard overflow
  • [FIX] Make sure security in project settings works properly
  • [FIX] Set width in date calendar window
  • [FIX] Pubsub connection reconnect
  • [FIX] Make sure Git source browsing display files with space in their names
  • [FIX] Fix git diff mark new files as binaries
  • [FIX] Fixes to JS util documentation
  • [FIX] Reports section errors
  • [FIX] Make sure switching projects render new project page
  • [FIX] Make sure loading layer is not on top of everything
  • [FIX] Fix search topic redirect

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