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User Preferences

The User Preferences panel contains the default settings for your account login and session, as well as information that dictates how Clarive and other Users may interact with you.

You can update your User Preferences at any time, including changing your session settings, your login information, and your default workspace or project selection.

Your User Preferences settings override any settings that have been applied to the entire workspace.

Click your User name located in the top right corner of the Clarive interface and select the option Preferences.

To view or change your preferences information:


  • Interface Language - Select your language from the dropdown menu.
  • Timezone - Select your timezone.
  • Country - Select your country.
  • Current Browser Timezone - Timezone of the current browser.
  • Current Server Timezone - Timezone of the server on which Clarive is running.
  • Date Format - Select your preferred date format.
  • Time Format - Select your preferred time format.
  • Default Dashboard - Select your default Dashboard from the list. Dashboards are assigned usually to Roles in your organization. Make sure your Administrator has enabled access to your Roles.


  • Change Avatar - Randomly creates another fractal Avatar.
  • Upload File - Upload your own image.


Users with API access permissions can obtain an API key from here.