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A daemon is a computer program that runs as a background process, rather than being under the direct control of an interactive user.

In Clarive, daemons are special, independent background processes started by the Dispatcher.

Daemons are critical to the correct operation of Clarive, including:

Accessing the Daemon administration in the Admin - Daemons

In the Daemons screen, we can see what daemons are active at a given point in time.

These are the standard, out-of-the box daemons that should be running in any typical Clarive installation.

  • - Daemon responsible for sending notifications.
  • service.event.daemon - Daemon responsible for the management of events.
  • service.job.daemon - Daemon responsible for the execution of passes.
  • service.purge.daemon - Daemon responsible for the purge.
  • service.schedule daemon - Responsible for planning.
  • service.sem.daemon - Daemon responsible for controlling traffic lights.
  • service.root_cause_analysis.daemon - Daemon responsible for Root-Cause Analysis (See Root-Cause Analysis).


If at any time it is preferred that a particular service not be run, for example the purge daemon, we can disable it from this screen.

Actions associated with the buttons on the toolbar:

  • Create - Create new daemon attached to the Dispatcher.
  • Edit - Modify the configuration for existing daemons.
  • Delete - Delete an existing daemon.
  • Start - Run a daemon that has been stopped.
  • Stop - Stop a running daemon.