Load files/items into stash

Assigns to a user configured stash variable all found files/items according to the options introduced by the user from the configuration form window.

Form to configure has the following fields:

  • Variable - Variable to add to the stash with the found files/items.
  • Path - Base path to find files/items matching user criteria.
  • Path mode - Option used to find files/items. By default it is set to files_flat. It can be:
  • Files, non Recursive - Only files/items in the current directory.
  • Files recursive - Look through directories recursively.
  • Nature Items - Look for files/items from nature path according to user options.
  • Dir mode - Option set by the user to search files/items in some way. By default it is set to file_only. It can be:
  • File only - Just look for files, not directories.
  • Dir only - Only directories will be attended.
  • File and dir - Look for files and through directories.
  • Filters - According to the params from the filter panel, files/items will be included or excluded from the list.
    • Include paths - Path patterns to search for files/items matching user criteria.
    • Exclude paths - Any file/item matching the path pattern will be excluded from the list.