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Clarive Configuration File

The Clarive configuration file is an user-customized YAML file that contains installation specific parameters.

Configuration environment and -c

The configuration file is also called configuration file or configuration environment in Clarive, and designated as [config_file].yml in this manual.

Everytime we start a Clarive process from the command-line, or install a Windows service, we define a configuration environment by referring to a configuration filename.

For example, to start the Clarive Web Server:

cla web-start -c [config].yml

Configuration Variables

These are the configuration parameters (or keys) that can be set in a config file.

They can be set also in the command-line, using the --parameter value command-line format.

For examples on how to create or set certain values, please refer to the Clarive product configuration file, located at CLARIVE_HOME/config/config.yml. Do not change this file, as it may be overwritten by upgrades or patches


Directory location for temporary files.

By default it is set to CLARIVE_HOME/tmp.


Directory location for Clarive log files, such as web server and dispatcher logs.

By default it is set to CLARIVE_HOME/log.


Directory location for jobs.


Directory location for pid and process pid and lock files (.pid and .lock).


Set this value to 1 or greater to start Clarive processes in debug mode. The higher the value, the greater the number of debug messages and verbosity.


The mongo: configuration section is described separately in the MongoDB installation document.