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Release Readiness Analytics

Readiness Checklist

Below is a sample checklist for Release Readiness Review and Pre-Delivery Audit. It is useful both for Project Managers and Software Quality Analysts.

Is delivery going against approved Contract / Statement of work / work order? If not, is the mail for approval from senior management available for the delivery?

Has the requirements document / FSD been validated and approved by the client?

Are all the requirements implemented as per approved requirement document or specification document or as agreed with the client? If not, is it documented in the release notes / delivery note etc. and has approval been taken from customer / delivery head?

Are all non-technical / non-functional requirements satisfied / completed?

Is the build verification done before each testing?

Are all test cases updated to ensure complete test coverage?

Are all cycles of testing completed and defects closed? If any defect is open, is it documented in the release notes / delivery note etc. and approval taken from customer / delivery head?

Are all review defects closed?

Is the test coverage goal met as mentioned in the test plan?

Is the traceability from requirements to source code to test cases to test results documented and available for review?

Is the goal for system testing / functional testing or any other type of testings met?

Are all the test cases for acceptance testing identified and documented?

Are all audits done for the all items as identified in the software quality assurance plan?

Are the findings of FCA / PCA / other audits (if any) closed?

Have the test cases executed on target environment (or similar)?

Are acceptance criteria for system validation available?

Does end product / application meet the acceptance criteria during system testing?

Is the code modification history updated and are code files labeled properly in the configuration tool?

Are all the work products, deliverables and code consistent?

Are the Resourcess of the entire release package identified?

Is each Resource in the release package Resource tested / reviewed / approved?

Are all findings of testing / review of Resources closed?

Are the FTP credentials or CD key etc. documented? Are these communicated to the client / customer?

Are release medium and access to these verified before sending the information to client?

Are the following documents / deliverables / work products ready: FSD, ADS, DDS, Test Plan, Test Case, Release Note, Installable Product, Source Code, Test Programs, Drivers, Readme File, License File, Known Problems List, Installation Procedure, Install Scripts, User Manual, Programmer’s Manual, Administrator Manual, Test Reports, Training Material or any other deliverable required by client?

Is the delivery made from the static folder of VSS?

Apart from above points, the status of following points can also be checked:

  • Baselining of deliverables in configuration management tool.
  • End of project backup and restoration of the backup.
  • Readiness of maintenance / support plan.
  • Is the problem reporting procedure documented and communicated to the client?
  • Are the contact persons documented and communicated to the client?
  • Is the post-release defect reporting template ready?
  • Has the request been made to IT for making the project repository under VSS read only?