Dashboards represent a fundamental role in the proper use of Clarive.

They can represent the position of the tool, so that it can display a large amount of information in one place.

To do this, the Dashboards are created by Dashboard type rules in order to add, edit or remove components called dashlets.

Dashlets can represent information differently. You can add calendars, tables showing Topics that are in a specific state, project graphs etc.

All these components form a Dashboard-type Rule which can then be used by Roles.

The end view is a window where all dashlets included in the rule to show what the user needs to appear.

All users can add, edit or delete dashboard items clicking in Rearrange button. This activate edition mode that allow to the user to add new dashlets , resize dashlets, change dashlet order or remove dashlets .

The users can save their own dashboard clicking in Save as. Clarive will indentify it with a new icon .