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cla plugin - plugin helper

This command offers options to support the Clarive plugin system.

All of the plugin commands, just like Clarive in general, is sensitive to the --plugins-home command-line option.

This option could be changed by configuration environment, so it's good to check what plugins are availble for a Clarive installation by running the plugin-list command.

cla plugin-new --plugin [plugin-id]

Bootstrap a new plugin, creating the placeholder folder structure for developing plugins.

You're are not required to run this program to develop plugins, it's just a good way to avoid having to create the necessary files from zero.

cla plugin-new --plugin myplugin

Will typically create the following plugin home folder:


cla plugin-test [partial-name-or-dir]

Tests plugins by running the test cases contained in each and every plugin t directory, more precisely CLARIVE_BASE/plugins/[plugin-id]/t.

Test output is TAP-compatible (Test Anything Protocol), which make it compatible with severeal testing frameworks.

For more information:


With the verbose mode, detailed test results and warning messages are visible in the log.

$ cla plugin-test --verbose-tests

/opt/clarive/plugins/cloudfoundry/t/cf-test.js ..
ok 1

cla plugin-list

Lists all installed and active plugins. This is useful to check what plugins visible to the Clarive search path.

cla plugin-search-path

List the current plugin home directories in it's search order.

$ cla plugin-search-path