Create a Job Slot

Select Jobs Slots at the menu option Deploy. Then select the Create button.

In the next window there are the following options:

  • Calendar Name - Assign a name to the calendar. This field is required.

  • Description - A brief description of the calendar.

  • Precedence - Indicates the precedence level over other calendars. The calendar with a higher level, has more precedence.

  • Creation Mode - Set how the caledar will be created. Two options: Create as New - Create a new calendar. Create as Copy - Create a copy of another calendar.

  • Copy of - If you have selected the option Create as Copy, select the calendar to copy.

  • Environment - Select the environment which the calendar applies.

  • Scope - Select the scope which the calendar applies. User also can use Resource Groups as scope to select more than one project.

To finish, click the Save button.

To edit the calendar, go to the Edit calendar section.