cla help - Help on cla commands

cla help: Clarive has a number of command lines that can be executed to manage the application.

These commands are called through the command cla as follow: cla <command><command-args>.

Cla command itself has two options:

  • version: displays Clarive version.
  • help: shows the available command. Help output can be accessed through the option –h as well.

Cla command is in charge of collecting all configuration data from config files, environment and arguments passed through the command line before running the command call itself.

In order to describe every command, let’s show the output of cla help:

    > cla help

    usage: cla [-h] [-v] [--config file] command <command-args>

    Commands available:
    <service.*>       run Baseliner services
    config            show all inherited config & options
    db                database diff and deploy tool
    disp              Start/Stop dispatcher
    help              This help
    install           config file generator
    lic               license verification
    poll              monitoring tool
    prove             run system tests and check
    ps                list server processes
    queue             queue management tools
    start             start all server tasks
    stop              stop all server tasks
    trans             conversion tool, password encryption
    version           report our version
    web               Start/Stop web server
    ws                webservices toolchain

    cla help <command> to get all subcommands.
    cla <command> -h for command options.

A common option to all this cla commands is the option -v (verbose) to activate the verbose mode and display all the user environment and command arguments.