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LDAP Authentication

LDAP authentication is the mechanism that allows users to authenticate into Clarive by checking their passwords against an LDAP database.

The advantage of using LDAP authentication is that passwords do not need to be stored in Clarive, but are instead held centrally on an LDAP server.


Access to Clarive environment configuration files is necessary in order to set up the LDAP authentication mechanism. These are YAML files, and accessing them is detailed at

Under the key baseliner: authentication: ldap: we configure the LDAP binding credentials and server information:

              class: Password
              password_field: password
              password_type: self_check
              binddn: uid=<ldap-user-id>,ou=XXXXX,o=XXXXXX
              bindpw: <bind-password>
              ldap_server: <server-ip>
                port: 1389
                timeout: 30
              use_roles: 0
              user_basedn: ou=XXXXXXXXXX,ou=XXXXXXXXXX,o=XXXXXXX,o=XXXXXXX
              user_field: uid
              user_filter: (&(objectclass=person)(uid=%s))

Some of the fields that are required:

  • binddn - Contains the user id and its domain namespace.
  • bindpw - The password.
  • ldap-server - The IP of the LDAP server.
  • user_basedn - The domain namespace where the user names are found.
  • user_field - The LDAP field that cointains the user.
  • user_filter - Used to parse the user id from the LDAP information.