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WHILE condition

The WHILE control operation iterates a code block while the condition indicated is true.

A WHILE block checks if the condition is true first, then executes the code. If you need the opposite, first the code, then check the condition, take a look at DO-WHILE.

To configure the WHILE control operation, the following values must be configured:

  • Stash Variable - the name of the variable that the condition will be checked against.
  • Operator - the condition comparison operator.
  • Options - gives the ability to set options for some of the operators.
  • Value - the value to be compared against.


The following comparison operators are available:

  • IS TRUE and IS FALSE - evaluates the stash variable for true and false. A value of undefined, zero (0) or blank ('').
  • IS EMPTY - evaluates the stash variable for emptyness. An empty value, and empty array or an empty hash will be considered true.
  • EQUAL - compares two strings or numbers for equality.
  • LESS THAN, LESS THAN EQUALS, GREATER THAN, GREATER THAN EQUALS - compares either numbers or strings.
  • LIKE - compares a stash value against a regular expression (ie he..o world$) in the Value field.
  • IN - compares if the stash value (a single value) is in a list (an array) in the Value field. This is only useful if the value field contains a variable that will resolve to an array.
  • HAS - compares if the list (array) in the stash value contains the item in the Value field. This is only useful if the stash value resolves to an array.


The following options are only available for certain comparison operators.

  • Ignore Case - ignore uppercase and lowercase differences in string comparisons.
  • Numeric - do the comparison in numeric context.