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Clarive Release Notes

Release date: 28 March 2023

We're pleased to present our new patch release of Clarive with some important fixes and new features:

Improvements and issues resolved

  • [ENH] #2393 Force save before copying variables
  • [ENH] #2406 Feature and plugin indexes
  • [FIX] #1059 cla repl command does not work in compiled cla.exe
  • [FIX] #2399 Cannot edit personal report in project context
  • [FIX] #2404 When including fieldlet Status Changes from topic in a report it gets an error
  • [FIX] #2405 Slack post message should not verify ssl
  • [FIX] #2408 Timestamp in topic activity checkbox is always checked
  • [FIX] #2410 Error executing internal reports by pressing the "> Run" button
  • [FIX] #2412 Purge events very slow for large number of events

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