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Clarive 7.4.6 Release Notes

Release date: 2 December 2019

We're pleased to present our new release Clarive 7.4.6 with some major improvements and fixes to the previous version:

Revamp scheduler

The sheduler functionality has been completely revamped to improve performance and user experience:

worker_agent back in core

The Clarive worker is a pull agent capable of executing any Clarive task. The agent connects to the Clarive server in a secure manner. This is the recommended way to connect servers that are on a different network difficult to reach from the Clarive server or just when you want to control when and how to connect your destination server to the Clarive server.

You can find how to use the new Worker agent in the official Clarive documentation here Clarive Worker

Topic filters for custom fields

Whenever you select a category to view topics, now you can use custom fields to apply filters. Of course they will be stored in the url so you can bookmark those filters the same way you can do it with the standard fields.

Revamp resource edit and grid

We have optimized and revamped the CI editor so that you can find the information related in different tabs:

New project variables panel

We have added a new panel to view the project variables so you can assign permissions to VIEW the project variables to users that should not modify them. The variables menu will be shown below the Deploy left menu of the project

Other Issues and Enhancements implemented

  • [ENH] #681 State bounds for topic edit and delete actions
  • [ENH] #682 Default email when TO is empty
  • [ENH] #685 Improve excessive job logging for rules and others
  • [ENH] #688 Add mid to Event log
  • [ENH] #689 Improve report sorting
  • [ENH] #690 Fieldlet improvements
  • [ENH] #693 Improve docs monotext font
  • [ENH] #694 Adapt to mongoDB 4.2.0+
  • [ENH] #695 Missing i18n for release
  • [ENH] #707 Improve purging and storage of job log artifacts
  • [ENH] #713 Load optimizations and reduce warnings
  • [ENH] #723 Change window title for breadcrumbs
  • [FIX] #665 Security issues in internal controllers
  • [FIX] #666 Protect cookie access
  • [FIX] #674 The event "job trapped" do the internal slack plugin fail
  • [FIX] #683 Support dates with time when using job calendar
  • [FIX] #697 Fix rule runner common failing test
  • [FIX] #709 Fix broken rule controller test
  • [FIX] #718 Fix broken pubsub build and ssh agent connect
  • [FIX] #719 SSH agent server relationship gone
  • [FIX] #726 CI grid links don't open in new tab
  • [FIX] #730 User edit is slow loading project list
  • [FIX] #731 Job checkout git command not working
  • [FIX] #732 Test forks not working
  • [FIX] #737 Server down error page is not reloading previous page
  • [FIX] #738 CI view permission does not work for projects
  • [FIX] #741 Restore html format enable in CHECK failures
  • [FIX] #747 Replace search_cis in code
  • [FIX] #755 Indexes for master_versions collection
  • [FIX] #758 Rule for Topic Field event does not have all fields

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