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Git Timesync

Update job directory file timestamps so that files have their most recent Git commit timestamps.

Files that don't have a Git timestamp will not be changed.

The Git Timestamp will get all timestamps from the bare corresponding Git repository. Files from other repositories cannot have their date changed with this OP. Likewise, files that do not have a matching repository in the job will not have their timestamps changed.


  • Path - the relative directory within each Git repository that will be processed. By default a . is used (same as leaving it blank), meaning all files controlled by Git.

  • Git Repositories - optional filter list of Git Repositories that will be processed. If left blank (default), all Git Repositories included in the job where this rule is running will be processed.

You can use as many Timesync operations as needed if there are different combinations of path + repository.


This operation may take a while to get all timestamps from all the Git file history if the repository is large (lots of files) or has a lot of commit history (or both).


This OP needs to be executed after the following: